Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Current version for 15 May 2020 to date (accessed 3 June 2020 at 14:27)
Part 14 Division 8 Clause 244F
244F   Approved Code
(1)  ARTC must prepare a Code and make an application to the Planning Secretary for approval of the Code.
(1A)  The Code is to apply to activities for the purposes of ARTC rail infrastructure facilities, other than activities for which ARTC is required to furnish or obtain an environmental impact statement, or development that is a Part 3A project.
(2)  The Planning Secretary is to assess an application for approval of a Code and to provide a report to the Minister on any such application as soon as practicable after receiving an application.
(3)  The Minister may approve a Code prepared by ARTC for the purposes of this Part and may specify the period for which the approval is in force.
(4)  The Minister must give ARTC written notice of any approval or refusal to approve a Code. In the case of a refusal, the notice is to set out reasons for the refusal.
(5)  An approval may be made subject to conditions and may be revoked or varied at any time.
(6)  A Code approved for the purposes of this clause must contain the following matters—
(a)  classes of activities for the purposes of the application of the Code,
(b)  assessment requirements for specified activities or classes of activities,
(c)  procedures for carrying out assessments,
(d)  protocols for consultation,
(e)  requirements for consideration of any advice by the Planning Secretary,
(f)  requirements for consideration of environmental management procedures in relation to effects on the environment of activities,
(g)  requirements for documentation,
(h)  protocols for the availability of documentation to the Minister, the Planning Secretary and the public,
(i)  protocols for auditing the performance of and compliance with the Code,
(j)  any other matters required by the Minister.