Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 1 March 2018 to 15 March 2018 (accessed 3 August 2020 at 23:11) Current version
Part 17 Clause 270
270   Contributions plans for Western Sydney Employment Area
(1)  Pursuant to section 4.16 (11) of the Act, a development application in relation to any land zoned IN1 General Industrial under State Environmental Planning Policy (Western Sydney Employment Area) 2009 must not be determined by the consent authority unless a contributions plan under section 7.18 of the Act has been approved for the land to which the application relates.
(2)  Despite subclause (1), a consent authority may dispense with the need for a contributions plan referred to in that subclause if:
(a)  the development application is, in the opinion of the consent authority, of a minor nature, or
(b)  the developer has entered into an agreement with the consent authority with respect to the matters that may be the subject of a contributions plan.