Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 7 September 2009 to 25 October 2009 (accessed 4 June 2020 at 06:21) Current version
Part 9 Division 7A Clause 186B
186B   Specifications for smoke alarms
(1)  A smoke alarm installed under this Division is to be functioning and is to comply with the requirements of AS 3786.
(2)  Despite the requirements of AS 3786, a smoke alarm that is required under clause 186A to be installed in a class 1b, class 3 or class 9a building is to be powered:
(a)  from the mains electricity supply, or
(b)  by a non-removable battery with a minimum life expectancy of 10 years that is connected to the smoke alarm.
 AS 3786 permits smoke alarms to be powered by batteries or mains electricity supply. Smoke alarms in buildings that are relocatable homes or class 1a or class 2 buildings or class 4 parts of buildings will be able to use any of the power sources specified by AS 3786.
(3)  Despite any other provision of this Division, a heat alarm may be used in the place of a smoke alarm in any kitchen or other area where it is likely to be inappropriately activated.
(4)  In this clause:
AS 3786 means AS 3786—1993, Smoke alarms as in force from time to time.
(5)  A functioning smoke alarm installed in a class 1a or class 2 building, a relocatable home or a class 4 part of a building before the commencement of this clause is taken to comply with the requirements of this clause until such time as the alarm is removed or ceases to function.