Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 8 July 2005 to 31 July 2005 (accessed 8 August 2020 at 22:59) Current version
Part 16 Clause 264
264   Council to maintain a register of development applications and consents
(cf clause 109A of EP&A Regulation 1994)
(1)  A council must maintain a register containing details of the following matters for each development application that is either made to it as the consent authority or furnished to it in cases where it is not the consent authority:
(a)  the registered number of the application,
(b)  the date when the application was made,
(c)  the amount of any fee payable in connection with the application,
(d)  the date or dates when any such fee, or any part of such fee, was paid,
(e)  the date when the application was determined.
(2)  The register must also contain details of the following matters for each development consent:
(a)  the name and address of the person to whom the consent was granted,
(b)  the address, and formal particulars of title, of the land to which the consent relates,
(c)  the date when the consent was granted,
(d)  a brief description of the subject-matter of the consent, including a statement as to the nature of the development (residential, commercial, industrial or other),
(e)  any conditions to which the consent is subject,
(f)  the duration of the consent,
(g)  the date when the consent became effective,
(h)  whether the consent has been revoked, modified or surrendered,
(i)  the date when any notice was published in respect of the consent as referred to in section 101 of the Act,
(j)  the date of issue of any related construction certificates,
(k)  the date of commencement of building or subdivision work the subject of the consent,
(l)  the name and accreditation number of the principal certifying authority appointed in relation to a consent involving building or subdivision work,
(m)  in the case of a consent concerning residential building work (within the meaning of the Home Building Act 1989):
(i)  the names of licensees and owner-builders, and
(ii)  the names of the approved insurers (where relevant) of the licensees under Part 6 of the Home Building Act 1989, and
(iii)  the numbers endorsed on contractor licences and permits of which the council is informed under the requirements of this Regulation,
(n)  the date of issue of any related subdivision or occupation certificate,
(o)  any approvals taken, by section 78A of the Act, to have been granted under the Local Government Act 1993,
(p)  any approvals under an Act that were considered as part of the integrated development process.
(3)  The register must contain the following indexes of the development consents referred to in subclause (2):
(a)  an index prepared by reference to the address of the land to which each development relates,
(b)  an index prepared by reference to the chronological order of the granting of each development consent.
(4)  For the purposes of section 100 of the Act, the prescribed form for the register is a book, in loose-leaf form, or an electronic data retrieval system.