Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 8 July 2005 to 31 July 2005 (accessed 3 June 2020 at 14:22) Current version
Part 10 Division 2 Clause 200
200   Accreditation bodies’ registers
(cf clause 81H of EP&A Regulation 1994)
(1)  Each accreditation body must keep a register in relation to all accredited certifiers accredited by it.
(2)  The register must contain the following particulars for each person who is, or has at any time been, accredited by the accreditation body as a certifier:
(a)  the person’s name and the address of the person’s place of business,
(a1)  a telephone number or telephone numbers for contacting the person for business purposes,
(b)  the class of matters for which the person is or has been accredited,
(c)  the date on which the person was first accredited, and the date of each occasion on which the person’s accreditation has been renewed,
(d)  the name of each insurer with whom the person has effected the required insurance within the meaning of section 109ZN of the Act, the identifying number of each relevant insurance contract and the dates between which the indemnity (other than the run-off cover) provided by the relevant insurance contract has or has had effect,
(e)  the terms of any conditions to which the person’s accreditation is or has been subject, and the dates between which any such condition has or has had effect,
(f)  in the case of a person whose accreditation is or has been suspended, the dates between which the suspension has or has had effect,
(g)  in the case of a person whose accreditation as an accredited certifier has been withdrawn or has otherwise ceased to have effect, the date on which the accreditation was withdrawn or ceased to have effect, as the case requires,
(h)  a list of the projects in connection with which the person has issued complying development certificates or Part 4A certificates, indicating:
(i)  the kinds of certificates issued by the person in relation to each such project, and
(ii)  the classification of any building involved in each such project, and
(iii)  the local government area in which each such project was carried out, and
(iv)  except in the case of a subdivision certificate, the person’s estimate of the cost of each project, and
(v)  in the case of a subdivision certificate, the number of lots that will be created by the subdivision.
(3)  An accreditation body must make its register available for inspection, free of charge, during the accreditation body’s ordinary office hours.
(4)  A copy of any extracts from the register may be made on payment of a reasonable copying charge set by the accreditation body.
(5)  An accreditation body must furnish the Director-General with copies of all entries it makes in its register.
(6)  An accredited certifier must ensure that the relevant accreditation body is notified immediately of any event or circumstance that requires any alteration to be made to the information contained in the register in relation to the certifier.