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Contents (2000 - 557)
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Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 1 July 2003 to 21 July 2003 (accessed 8 April 2020 at 20:05) Current version
Part 8 Division 5
Division 5 General
161   Certifying authorities may be satisfied as to certain matters: section 109O
(cf clause 79V of EP&A Regulation 1994)
(1)  This clause applies to the following matters:
(a)  any matter that relates to the form or content of the plans and specifications for the following kind of work to be carried out in connection with the erection of a building or the subdivision of land:
(i)  earthwork,
(ii)  road work, including road pavement and road finishing,
(iii)  stormwater drainage work,
(iv)  landscaping work,
(v)  erosion and sedimentation control work,
(vi)  excavation work,
(vii)  mechanical work,
(viii)  structural work,
(ix)  hydraulic work,
(x)  work associated with driveways and parking bays, including road pavement and road finishing,
(b)  any matter that relates to the external finish of a building.
(2)  Any requirement of the conditions of a development consent that a consent authority or council is to be satisfied as to a matter to which this clause applies is taken to have been complied with if a certifying authority is satisfied as to that matter.
162   Consent authority to be notified of replacement principal certifying authority
(cf clause 79W of EP&A Regulation 1994)
A replacement principal certifying authority must ensure that notice of his or her appointment as such, together with the relevant accreditation body’s approval of the appointment, is given to the consent authority within 2 days of the appointment.
163   Notice to allow inspection
(cf clause 79X of EP&A Regulation 1994)
For the purpose of ensuring that it has an opportunity to inspect building work before it is covered, a certifying authority may require that specified work not be covered unless it has been given such notice of the proposal to cover the work (not exceeding 48 hours) as the authority may require.
164   No need for duplicate notices
(cf clause 79Y of EP&A Regulation 1994)
Nothing in this Part requires a certifying authority to give a copy of a document to itself just because it is also a consent authority or council or to give more than one copy of a document to any other person just because that other person is both a consent authority and a council.