Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
Historical version for 26 April 2002 to 1 July 2002 (accessed 4 June 2020 at 05:12) Current version
Part 17 Clause 274B
274B   Assessment and preparation fees for master plans under SREP 26
(1)  If a draft master plan required for land by Sydney Regional Environmental Plan No 26—City West is prepared and submitted to the Director-General by an owner or lessee of the land, the owner or lessee must pay the Director-General an assessment fee determined by the Director-General.
(2)  If any such draft master plan is prepared by the Director-General, the owner or lessee of the land, as specified by the Director-General, must pay the Director-General a preparation fee determined by the Director-General.
(3)  If there is more than one owner or lessee of the land to which a draft master plan prepared by the Director-General applies, the preparation fee is payable as apportioned between them by the Director-General.
(4)  An assessment fee or a preparation fee must not exceed the reasonable cost, to the Director-General and the Department, of assessing or preparing the draft master plan, carrying out any associated studies and publicly exhibiting the draft master plan.