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Supreme Court Rules 1970
Current version for 6 January 2017 to date (accessed 24 September 2017 at 00:29)
2   Rules applicable
The following provisions of these rules apply, so far as applicable, to proceedings specified in the Third Schedule to the Act (except clause (d) of that Schedule) and to proceedings to which Division 2 applies:
(a)  Part 1 (preliminary matters), other than Part 1 rule 11 (3),
(b)  Part 1A (sittings and vacations),
(c)  Part 2 (time),
(d)  Part 55 (procedure for punishment for contempt),
(e)  Part 61 rules 1 (4), (5) and (6), 2 and 3 (registrars),
(f)  Schedule F, forms 74AA, 74AB, 74AC and 74AD (subpoenas),
(g)  clause 1 of the matter relating to the Jury Act 1977 in Schedule J.