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Contents (1970 - 01)
Supreme Court Rules 1970
Current version for 8 December 2017 to date (accessed 17 July 2018 at 08:31)
Part 65A
Part 65A Legal profession
1   (Repealed)
2   Assignment of business
(1)  There are assigned to the Court of Appeal proceedings in the Court in the exercise of the disciplinary powers of the Court with respect to legal practitioners and interstate legal practitioners.
(2)  Proceedings in the Court under the Legal Profession Act 1987 (other than proceedings assigned to the Court of Appeal) are assigned to the Common Law Division.
3   Removal or suspension elsewhere
(1)  Any legal practitioner:
(a)  whose name is removed from a roll kept outside the State that corresponds to the Roll of Legal Practitioners in the Court,
(b)  who is prohibited (whether conditionally or unconditionally) from reinstatement to such a roll, or
(c)  who is:
(i)  suspended from practising, or
(ii)  prohibited (whether conditionally or unconditionally) from resuming practice,
as a lawyer (whether known as a barrister, a solicitor, a barrister and solicitor, an attorney, a legal practitioner or otherwise) outside the State,
by reason of misconduct, is suspended from practice:
(d)  in the case of removal—unless the Court otherwise orders,
(e)  in the case of suspension or prohibition—during the period of suspension or prohibition, unless the Court otherwise orders.
(2)  This rule does not apply to a cancellation or suspension:
(a)  in Australia under the Mutual Recognition Act, or
(b)  in New Zealand under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act.
4   (Repealed)
5   Appeal: practising certificate
(1)  The Court may, on the application of a person who intends to appeal to the Court under section 38B of the Legal Profession Act 1987, make such orders as the nature of the case requires as if the person had instituted the appeal and the application were made in the proceedings on the appeal.
(2)  In the title of a document in proceedings on the application or the appeal, the plaintiff may, subject to any order of the Court, be shown as “A solicitor”, without the plaintiff’s name.
6   Furnishing information
The registrar shall furnish information that is required by section 48Y of the Legal Profession Act 1987 to be furnished by the Court.
7   Removal from Roll pursuant to s 48Z (5) of the Legal Profession Act 1987
Unless the Court otherwise orders, the Prothonotary shall, pursuant to an order under section 48Z (5) of the Legal Profession Act 1987, remove from the Roll of Legal Practitioners in the Court the name of a legal practitioner upon the expiration of 10 days after a copy of the order is filed, being a copy that:
(a)  if the regulatory authority making the order is a tribunal—is signed by a member of the tribunal,
(b)  if the regulatory authority is a court—is signed by a Judge or Registrar of the Court, or
(c)  in any case—is sealed with the seal of the regulatory authority.