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Contents (1970 - 01)
Supreme Court Rules 1970
Current version for 8 December 2017 to date (accessed 19 July 2018 at 17:49)
Part 55 Division 2
Division 2 Contempt in the face or hearing of the Court
2   Arrest
cf High Court Rules, O 56, r 1 (1).
Where it is alleged, or appears to the Court on its own view, that a person is guilty of contempt of court, committed in the face of the Court or in the hearing of the Court, the Court may:
(a)  by oral order direct that the contemnor be brought before the Court, or
(b)  issue a warrant for the arrest of the contemnor.
3   Charge, defence and determination
cf HCR, O 56, r 1 (2).
Where the contemnor is brought before the Court, the Court shall:
(a)  cause him to be informed orally of the contempt with which he is charged,
(b)  require him to make his defence to the charge,
(c)  after hearing him, determine the matter of the charge, and
(d)  make an order for the punishment or discharge of the contemnor.
4   Interim custody
(1)  The Court may, pending disposal of the charge:
(a)  direct that the contemnor be kept in such custody as the Court may determine, or
(b)  direct that the contemnor be released.
cf HCR, O 56, r 1 (3).
(2)  The Court may make a direction under subrule 1 (b) on terms, which may include a requirement that the contemnor give security, in such sum as the Court directs, for his appearance in person to answer the charge.
cf HCR, O 56, r 1 (3).