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Contents (1970 - 01)
Supreme Court Rules 1970
Current version for 8 December 2017 to date (accessed 26 February 2018 at 02:55)
Part 51B Rule 13
13   Filing with tribunal below
(1)  Where the tribunal below is a court, the plaintiff shall, on the date of instituting the appeal, file a copy of the summons instituting the appeal in the registry or office of that court.
(2)  For the purposes of subrule (1), the date of instituting the appeal shall:
(a)  if the summons instituting the appeal contains an application for extension of time—the day the application is granted, or
(b)  if a summons for leave is deemed by rule 5 (9) to be the summons instituting the appeal—the day when the summons is so deemed.
(3)  If compliance with subrule (1) is not in accordance with the practice or organisation of that court, the plaintiff shall lodge a copy of the summons with an officer of that court concerned with its records or process.