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Contents (2016 - 63)
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Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 No 63
Current version for 15 November 2019 to date (accessed 28 February 2020 at 10:57)
Part 9 Division 2 Section 9.7
9.7   Registers to which Division applies
(1)  Public registers of the following are to be kept and made available in accordance with this Division—
(a)  biodiversity conservation licences (including the conditions of those licences) and all decisions made to vary, suspend or cancel those licences,
(b)  declarations of areas of outstanding biodiversity value under Part 3 and any amendment or revocation of a declaration,
(c)  private land conservation agreements under Part 5, including details of any variation or cancellation of any such agreement,
(d)  biodiversity credits under Part 6, including documents creating the credits, the number and class (if any) of the credits, the name of the current and former holders of the credits and details relating to all transfers, suspensions, cancellations and retirement of the credits,
(e)  the persons who are accredited persons under section 6.10,
(f)  orders made under Part 8 conferring, extending, suspending, revoking or modifying biodiversity certification of land,
(g)  interim protection orders in force under Division 3 of Part 11,
(h)  remediation orders in force under Division 4 of Part 11,
(i)  strategies included in the Biodiversity Conservation Program in relation to a threatened species or ecological community,
(j)  any other register of information relating to the administration of this Act or biodiversity conservation that is prescribed by the regulations.
(2)  The Environment Agency Head is responsible for keeping and making available any such public register.
(3)  The Environment Agency Head may engage the Biodiversity Conservation Trust or other persons or bodies to keep (or to assist in keeping) any such public register on behalf of the Environment Agency Head.
(4)  Any such register may be kept only in electronic form.