Local Land Services Act 2013 No 51
Current version for 2 August 2019 to date (accessed 28 May 2020 at 02:48)
Part 9 Section 118
118   Definitions
In this Part—
Accreditation Committee means the Stock Transportation Accreditation Committee constituted by section 125.
authorised officer means an authorised officer who is—
(a)  a police officer, or
(b)  an authorised officer who is authorised to exercise functions conferred on authorised officers by this Part.
stock means the following—
(a)  cattle,
(b)  sheep,
(c)  any other kind of animal declared by the regulations to be stock for the purposes of this Part.
stock transportation particulars—see section 119.
Vehicle is defined in the Dictionary to this Act to include any means of road, rail, waterborne or airborne transport.
transported stock statement means a document that contains stock transportation particulars and that is in a form approved for the purposes of this Part under section 127.