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Contents (2013 - 51)
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Local Land Services Act 2013 No 51
Current version for 2 August 2019 to date (accessed 29 January 2020 at 10:42)
Part 5A Division 6 Section 60ZG
60ZG   Biodiversity development assessment report and retirement of biodiversity credits
(1)  An approval may only be granted under this Division if a biodiversity development assessment report in respect of the proposed clearing has been obtained by the applicant for that approval and provided to the Panel.
(2)  The Panel is to provide the Environment Agency Head with a copy of any biodiversity development assessment report that is submitted to the Panel in connection with an application for approval.
(3)  If the Panel decides to grant approval, the conditions of the approval must require the applicant to retire biodiversity credits to offset the residual impact on biodiversity values of the number and class set out in the report (subject to subsection (4)). The residual impact is the impact after the measures that are required to be carried out by the terms or conditions of the approval to avoid or minimise the impact on biodiversity values of the proposed clearing (being measures on which the report was based).
 Division 6 of Part 6 of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 enables a person who is required under this section to retire biodiversity credits to make a payment instead to the Biodiversity Conservation Fund of the value of the credits in accordance with the offsets payment calculator.
(4)  The Panel may reduce or increase the number of biodiversity credits that would otherwise be required to be retired if the Panel determines that the reduction or increase is justified having regard to the environmental, social and economic impacts of the proposed clearing and the agricultural purpose for which the land is to be used after it is cleared. The Panel must give reasons for a decision to reduce or increase the biodiversity credits.
(5)  An approval under this Division does not authorise the clearing of native vegetation until any obligation under the approval to retire biodiversity credits has been complied with.
(6)  However, an approval under this Division may provide for the staged clearing of native vegetation and for the corresponding staged retirement of the relevant number of biodiversity credits before each such stage of clearing is carried out.
(7)  For the purposes of this Division, the impact on biodiversity values of proposed clearing includes the impact of clearing or retaining dead vegetation on the land concerned, and accordingly the measures required to be carried out by the terms or conditions of an approval may include the retention of dead vegetation.
(8)  This section does not operate to limit the measures that the Panel may require to avoid or minimise the impacts of proposed clearing or the power of the Panel to refuse to grant approval because of those impacts.