Local Land Services Act 2013 No 51
Current version for 2 August 2019 to date (accessed 29 May 2020 at 14:55)
Part 2 Division 2 Section 14
14   Functions generally
(1)  Local Land Services has the following functions—
(a)  to administer, deliver or fund local land services,
(b)  to develop and implement appropriate governance arrangements for the delivery of local land services,
(c)  to prepare a State strategic plan,
(d)  to provide and facilitate education and training in connection with agricultural production, biosecurity, natural resource management and emergency management,
(d1)  to exercise functions conferred on it by Part 5A and Schedule 5A,
(d2)  to exercise functions conferred on it by Part 5B,
(e)  to make and levy rates, levies and contributions on rateable and other land for the purpose of carrying out its functions,
(f)  to provide and administer grants, loans, subsidies or other financial assistance for activities in relation to local land services,
(g)  to collect, collate, maintain, interpret and report information with respect to its functions,
(h)  to communicate, consult and engage with the community, including the Aboriginal community, to encourage participation in relation to the delivery of local land services,
(i)  to provide advice on matters referred to it by the Minister,
(j)  to exercise such other functions as are conferred or imposed on it by or under this or any other Act.
(2)  Local Land Services is to exercise its functions in accordance with any State priorities for local land services and any plan approved under Part 4.
(3)  Local Land Services may do anything necessary, or supplemental or incidental, to the exercise of its functions.