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Contents (2012 - 96)
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Forestry Act 2012 No 96
Current version for 11 October 2019 to date (accessed 6 April 2020 at 16:30)
Part 3 Division 1 Section 16
16   Flora reserves
(1916 Act, s 25A(1)–(4))
(1)  The Governor may, by notice published in the Gazette—
(a)  dedicate, with the concurrence of the Minister administering the Crown Land Management Act 2016, any Crown land that is not the subject of a tenure from the Crown, or
(b)  set apart the whole or part of a State forest,
as a flora reserve for the preservation of native flora.
(2)  Any such dedication of land may be limited so as to exclude any land lying below the surface of the land at a depth greater than a depth specified in the notice dedicating the land.
(3)  The setting apart of the whole or a part of a State forest as a flora reserve under this section does not affect the dedication as a State forest of the area so set apart.
(4)  Subject to this Act, a notice under this section is not to be revoked wholly or in part otherwise than by Act of Parliament.
(5)  Despite subsection (1)(a), Crown land that is the subject of a prescribed Crown tenure and that has an area of more than 2 hectares may be dedicated as a flora reserve in accordance with this section.