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Contents (2012 - 74)
Boarding Houses Act 2012 No 74
Current version for 7 July 2017 to date (accessed 26 May 2018 at 08:32)
77   Powers of entry by authorised service providers without consent or warrant
(1)  The Secretary may, by instrument in writing (the authorisation instrument), authorise a person (an authorised service provider) to enter authorised boarding houses under this section if the Secretary is of the opinion that the person is able to provide relevant information or advice to residents of such boarding houses about support services, financial services, legal services or advocacy services provided by the person or the organisation to which the person belongs.
(2)  The authorisation of an authorised service provider:
(a)  is subject to any requirements of this section and to such conditions as may be specified in the authorisation instrument, and
(b)  remains in force for the period specified in the authorisation instrument (being a period not exceeding 12 months), unless sooner revoked or surrendered.
(3)  An authorised service provider may, at any reasonable time and subject to the conditions of the authorisation:
(a)  enter an authorised boarding house for the purpose of conferring with any resident of the boarding house to determine whether the resident wishes to access the services provided by the provider or the organisation to which the provider belongs, and
(b)  provide such services, or arrange for the organisation to provide such services, if a resident wishes to access the services.
(4)  An authorised service provider must give the authorised operator or approved manager of the authorised boarding house at least 24 hours notice of the provider’s intention to enter the boarding house.
(5)  When entering an authorised boarding house under this section, an authorised service provider must identify (or make a reasonable attempt to identify) himself or herself to the manager or any other person apparently in charge of the boarding house.
(6)  An authorised service provider must produce his or her authorisation instrument for inspection on demand when exercising his or her functions under this section.
(7)  The Secretary may, by notice served on the authorised service provider, revoke the authorisation of the provider at any time and for any reason.
(8)  It is a condition of a boarding house authorisation and a manager approval that the authorised operator and approved manager of an authorised boarding house permit an authorised service provider to enter, and confer with residents of, the authorised boarding house in the manner authorised by or under this section.