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Contents (2012 - 74)
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Boarding Houses Act 2012 No 74
Current version for 31 October 2018 to date (accessed 23 February 2020 at 10:07)
55   Duration of interim permit
(cf YCS Act, s 19 (3))
(1)  An interim permit remains in force for the period specified in the permit, unless:
(a)  sooner revoked or it otherwise ceases to be in force, or
(b)  the period is extended under subsection (3).
(2)  The maximum period that may be specified for the duration of an interim permit is:
(a)  in the case of a permit granted to an applicant for a boarding house licence or an applicant seeking appointment by the Secretary as the replacement licensee under a boarding house licence for the premises concerned—3 months, or
(b)  in any other case—6 months.
(3)  The Secretary may from time to time, by notice served on the interim permit holder, extend the period during which an interim permit (other than a permit of the kind referred to in subsection (2) (a)) remains in force by a period specified in the notice (not exceeding 6 months each time), but not so that the permit remains in force for a total period of more than 2 years.