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Contents (2012 - 51)
Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 No 51
Current version for 1 June 2018 to date (accessed 25 June 2018 at 12:00)
Part 4 Section 30
30   Determination of applications and other matters
(1)  The Tribunal must consider the following in determining an application under this Part:
(a)  the seriousness of the offences with respect to which the person is a disqualified person or any matters that caused a refusal of a clearance or imposition of an interim bar,
(b)  the period of time since those offences or matters occurred and the conduct of the person since they occurred,
(c)  the age of the person at the time the offences or matters occurred,
(d)  the age of each victim of any relevant offence or conduct at the time they occurred and any matters relating to the vulnerability of the victim,
(e)  the difference in age between the victim and the person and the relationship (if any) between the victim and the person,
(f)  whether the person knew, or could reasonably have known, that the victim was a child,
(g)  the person’s present age,
(h)  the seriousness of the person’s criminal history and the conduct of the person since the matters occurred,
(i)  the likelihood of any repetition by the person of the offences or conduct and the impact on children of any such repetition,
(i1)  any order of a court or tribunal that is in force in relation to the person,
(j)  any information given by the applicant in, or in relation to, the application,
(j1)  any relevant information in relation to the person that was obtained in accordance with section 36A,
(k)  any other matters that the Children’s Guardian considers necessary.
(1A)  The Tribunal may not make an order under this Part which has the effect of enabling a person (the affected person) to work with children in accordance with this Act unless the Tribunal is satisfied that:
(a)  a reasonable person would allow his or her child to have direct contact with the affected person that was not directly supervised by another person while the affected person was engaged in any child-related work, and
(b)  it is in the public interest to make the order.
(2)  On an application under section 28 or 29, the Tribunal may, by order, stay the operation of a determination by the Children’s Guardian under this Act relating to the applicant pending the determination of the matter.
 Division 2 of Part 3 of Chapter 3 of the Administrative Decisions Review Act 1997 enables a decision the subject of an application under section 27 of this Act for an administrative review under that Act to be stayed by the Tribunal.
(3)    (Repealed)