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Associations Incorporation Act 2009 No 7
Current version for 7 July 2017 to date (accessed 22 July 2017 at 20:38)
Part 8 Division 2 Section 91
91   Offences by committee members
(1)  If an association contravenes, whether by act or omission, any provision of this Act or the regulations, each committee member of the association is taken to have contravened the same provision if he or she knowingly authorised or permitted the contravention.
(2)  A person may be proceeded against and convicted under a provision pursuant to subsection (1) whether or not the association has been proceeded against or convicted under that provision.
(3)  In the case of a contravention of section 40, each person who, pursuant to subsection (1), is taken to have contravened that section is, together with the association, jointly and severally liable for all debts incurred by the association as a consequence of that contravention.
(4)  Nothing in this section affects any liability imposed on an association for an offence committed by the association under this Act.
(5)  For the purposes of this section, an association’s public officer (not otherwise being a committee member) is taken to be a committee member.