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Contents (2008 - 97)
Rail Safety Act 2008 No 97
Repealed version for 7 December 2012 to 19 January 2013 (accessed 18 July 2018 at 22:22)
Part 5 Division 2 Section 88
88   General powers after entering a place
A rail safety officer who enters a place under this Part (including under a search warrant issued under this Part) may do any of the following:
(a)  search and inspect any part of the place and any rail infrastructure, rolling stock or motor vehicle or any other thing at the place,
(b)  enter or open, using reasonable force, rail infrastructure, rolling stock, a motor vehicle or other thing at the place to examine the infrastructure, rolling stock, motor vehicle or other thing,
(c)  take measurements, make surveys and take levels, dig trenches, break up the soil and set up any posts, stakes or markers,
(d)  test any part of rail infrastructure or rolling stock,
(e)  inspect, film, photograph, videotape or otherwise record an image,
(f)  take, or authorise another person to take, for analysis a thing, or a sample of or from a thing, at the place,
(g)  seize anything that the rail safety officer suspects on reasonable grounds is connected with an offence against a rail safety law or to secure any such thing against interference,
(h)  seize anything if the rail safety officer suspects it is necessary to do so to prevent its use in the commission of an offence against a rail safety law,
(i)  require any person at the place to answer questions or otherwise give information in relation to the matter the subject of the inspection, investigation or inquiry,
(j)  mark, tag or otherwise identify rolling stock, a motor vehicle or other thing at the place,
(k)  take all necessary steps to allow a power under paragraphs (a) to (j) to be exercised.