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Contents (2008 - 97)
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Rail Safety Act 2008 No 97
Repealed version for 7 December 2012 to 19 January 2013 (accessed 27 June 2019 at 01:51)
Part 4 Division 3 Section 82
82   Compliance with subpoenas and other directions
(1)  The ITSRR, Chief Investigator, a member of a Board of Inquiry, an assessor or a person who is or was a rail safety officer or an officer of the ITSRR or the Ministry of Transport is not obliged to comply with a subpoena or similar direction of a court in relation to civil proceedings to:
(a)  attend and answer questions relating to an accident or incident or other event, occurrence, practice or matter the subject of the rail safety inquiry or an investigation under section 67, or
(b)  attend and produce any part of a train safety record relating to any such accident or incident,
within 6 months after the day of the accident or incident.
(2)  A person who has obtained a subpoena or similar direction from a court that does not have to be complied with because of subsection (1) may apply to that court for an order that the subpoena or similar direction be complied with.
(3)  If the court is satisfied that, in the circumstances of the case, it is desirable, in either the interests of justice or the performance by the court of its functions, for the officer or person to attend and answer questions or to attend and produce train safety records within 6 months after the day of the accident or incident, the court must order that the officer or person comply with the subpoena or similar direction.