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Contents (2008 - 97)
Rail Safety Act 2008 No 97
Repealed version for 7 December 2012 to 19 January 2013 (accessed 19 July 2018 at 21:25)
Part 2 Division 2 Section 17
17   Emergency management plan
(1)  A rail transport operator must have an emergency management plan for railway operations carried out by or on behalf of the operator for which the operator is required to be accredited that:
(a)  addresses and includes the matters prescribed by the regulations, and
(b)  is prepared in conjunction with emergency services, and in accordance with the regulations, and
(c)  is tested, and kept and maintained, in accordance with the regulations.
 It is an offence to fail to comply with this subsection (see section 12 which requires this section to be complied with as part of the safety management system).
(2)  The rail transport operator must provide a copy of the emergency management plan to the emergency services and any other person prescribed by the regulations.
Maximum penalty: 25 penalty units.
(3)  A rail transport operator must ensure that the appropriate response measures of the emergency management plan are implemented if an emergency occurs.
Maximum penalty:
(a)  in the case of a corporation—3,000 penalty units, or
(b)  in the case of an individual—300 penalty units.
(4)  In this section, emergency service means a body prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition.