Liquor Act 2007 No 90
Current version for 29 May 2020 to date (accessed 5 July 2020 at 20:52)
Part 3 Division 3A Section 20C
20C   Small bar licence—miscellaneous conditions
(1) Maximum number of patrons Liquor must not be sold or supplied in a small bar if the number of patrons on the premises exceeds 60 or such greater number as may be prescribed by the regulations.
(2) Small bars must be open to general public The business carried out under a small bar licence must not be, or include, a business that is limited to the sale or supply of liquor only—
(a)  to persons who have been invited to use or attend the small bar, or
(b)  to a particular class, or particular classes, of persons using or attending the small bar.
(3)  Subsection (2) is subject to such exceptions as may be approved by the Authority on a temporary basis in relation to any particular small bar or to such other exceptions as may be prescribed by the regulations. Also, subsection (2) does not apply to the extent that is necessary to comply with any other provision of this Act or with any other law.
(4) Food must be made available Liquor may only be sold or supplied in a small bar if food of a nature and quantity consistent with the responsible sale, supply and service of alcohol is made available whenever liquor is sold or supplied on the premises. If any requirements are prescribed by the regulations in relation to the nature of any such food, those requirements must be complied with.