Mental Health Act 2007 No 8
Current version for 14 May 2020 to date (accessed 15 July 2020 at 18:57)
22   Detention after apprehension by police
(cf 1990 Act, s 24)
(1)  A police officer who, in any place, finds a person who appears to be mentally ill or mentally disturbed may apprehend the person and take the person to a declared mental health facility if the officer believes on reasonable grounds that—
(a)  the person is committing or has recently committed an offence or that the person has recently attempted to kill himself or herself or that it is probable that the person will attempt to kill himself or herself or any other person or attempt to cause serious physical harm to himself or herself or any other person, and
(b)  it would be beneficial to the person’s welfare to be dealt with in accordance with this Act, rather than otherwise in accordance with law.
(2)  A police officer may apprehend a person under this section without a warrant and may exercise any powers conferred by section 81 on a person who is authorised under that section to take a person to a mental health facility or another health facility.