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Contents (2003 - 43)
Food Act 2003 No 43
Current version for 7 July 2017 to date (accessed 22 November 2017 at 14:25)
Part 8 Division 3 Section 106
106   Definitions
In this Division:
approved training organisation means a registered training organisation approved under section 106H.
food safety supervisor—see section 106B.
food safety supervisor certificate—see section 106B (3).
food to which this Division applies—see section 106A.
mobile catering business means a food business that provides food catering services involving:
(a)  the transporting of food to which this Division applies to the location at which it is to be served, whether or not it is to be served by the food business, and
(b)  the processing of the food, whether or not at the location to which it is transported,
but does not include a food business commonly known as a takeaway food business or home delivery food business or that sells the food from temporary premises.
potentially hazardous food means food that is required to be kept at more than or less than a particular temperature to minimise the growth of any pathogenic micro-organisms that may be present in the food or to prevent the formation of toxins in the food.
process, in relation to food, means to do anything to the food in order to prepare it for sale, including (but not limited to) chopping, cooking, drying, fermenting, heating, pasteurising, thawing or washing.
ready-to-eat food means food that is in a state in which it is ordinarily consumed, but does not include nuts in the shell or raw fruit or vegetables that are intended to be hulled, peeled or washed by the consumer.
temporary premises means premises comprising a tent or stall or the like from which food is sold by retail on an occasional basis only, such as for a fete, fair, market or other event.