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Food Act 2003 No 43
Current version for 7 July 2017 to date (accessed 23 August 2017 at 14:29)
Part 1 Section 12
12   Relationship to other laws
(1)  If, by or under any other Act (whether passed before or after the commencement of this section) any provision is made in relation to food for sale, being a provision that is inconsistent with the provisions of this Act or the regulations under this Act, the provisions of this Act or the regulations prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.
(2)  Any statutory rule relating to any of the following matters must be submitted to the Minister before being made:
(a)  the wholesomeness, cleanliness or freedom from contamination of food,
(b)  the composition of, and standards for, food,
(c)  the cleanliness of vehicles, premises or places in which food is sold or handled for sale.
(3)  No such statutory rule may be made unless the Minister approves of such of its provisions as relate to any of those matters.
(4)  Failure to comply with any provision of this section does not affect the validity of a statutory rule.
(5)  In this section, statutory rule means a regulation, by-law, rule or ordinance made, or required by law to be approved or confirmed, by the Governor or made by a council.