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Contents (2003 - 103)
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Native Vegetation Act 2003 No 103
Current version for 1 July 2017 to date (accessed 23 August 2017 at 14:13)
Part 5 Division 4 Section 41
41   Restraint of contraventions of this Act
(1)  In this section, contravention includes threatened or apprehended contravention.
(2)  Any person may bring proceedings in the Land and Environment Court for an order to remedy or restrain a contravention of this Act, whether or not any right of that person has been or may be infringed by or as a consequence of that contravention.
(3)  Proceedings under this section may be brought by a person on the person’s own behalf or on behalf of that person and on behalf of other persons (with their consent), or a body corporate or unincorporate (with the consent of its committee or other controlling or governing body), having like or common interests in those proceedings.
(4)  Any person on whose behalf proceedings are brought is entitled to contribute to or provide for the payment of the legal costs and expenses incurred by the person bringing the proceedings.
(5)  If the Court is satisfied that a contravention has occurred, or that a contravention will, unless restrained by order of the Court, be committed, it may make such order as it thinks fit to remedy or restrain the contravention.