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Contents (2003 - 103)
Native Vegetation Act 2003 No 103
Repealed version for 1 July 2017 to 24 August 2017 (accessed 24 November 2017 at 18:43)
Part 3 Division 3
Division 3 Permitted activities
21   Application
(1)  This Division sets out the activities that do not constitute the clearing of native vegetation for the purposes of this Part and, accordingly, are permitted to be carried out without the authority conferred by a development consent or property vegetation plan.
(2)  This Division does not permit an activity without an approval or other authority required by another Act or in contravention of another Act.
22   Routine agriculture management activities
(1)  Clearing for routine agricultural management activities is permitted.
(2)  This section does not authorise any clearing of native vegetation:
(a)  if it exceeds the minimum extent necessary for carrying out the activity, or
(b)  if it is done for a work, building or structure before the grant of any statutory approval or other authority required for the work, building or structure.
23   Continuation of existing farming activities
(1)  The continuation of existing cultivation, grazing or rotational farming practices is permitted if it does not involve the clearing of:
(a)  remnant native vegetation, and
(b)  in the case of the Western Division—native vegetation comprising trees not less than 3 metres high of any of the following species: Eucalyptus camaldulensis (river red gum), Casuarina cristata (belah), Casuarina pauper (belah) or Callitris glaucophylla (white cypress pine).
(2)  In this section, existing means existing at the commencement of this Act.
24   Sustainable grazing
Sustainable grazing that is not likely to result in the substantial long-term decline in the structure and composition of native vegetation is permitted.