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Contents (2001 - 10)
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Nature Conservation Trust Act 2001 No 10
Repealed version for 15 January 2016 to 24 August 2017 (accessed 20 February 2020 at 10:04)
Part 2 Division 2
Division 2 Management and staff of Trust
17   Trust Board
(1)  There is to be a Board of the Trust.
(2)  The affairs of the Trust are to be managed by the Board.
(3)  Any act, matter or thing done in the name of, or on behalf of, the Trust by the Board is taken to have been done by the Trust.
(4)  Schedule 1 has effect with respect to the Board.
18   Members of Board
(1)  The Board is to consist of 9 part-time members (at least one of whom must be an Aboriginal person) appointed by the Minister, of whom:
(a)  one is to be a person employed in the Office of Environment and Heritage, and
(b)  8 are to be non-government members, being members of the public (any one or more of whom may be a representative of any non-government agency).
(c)    (Repealed)
(1A)  The Chief Executive Officer of the Trust is not to be appointed as a member of the Board.
(2)  The Minister is not to appoint a non-government member to the Board unless the Minister is satisfied that the person has skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:
(a)  increasing public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the importance of natural and cultural heritage by private landholders and other community members,
(b)  protection and conservation of natural heritage,
(c)  protection and conservation of cultural heritage,
(d)  management of natural resources, including agricultural land,
(e)  land use planning and operation of local councils,
(f)  marketing and fundraising,
(g)  economics and financial management,
(h)  governance and administration,
(i)  decision making and leadership.
(3)  The Minister is to ensure, as far as is possible, that the composition of the Board is such that the members of the Board together have all of the skills and experience specified in subsection (2).
19   Appointment of non-government members of Board
(1)  This section applies in respect of the appointment of non-government members of the Board.
(2)  The Minister is to cause an advertisement inviting written nominations of persons for appointment to the Board to be published in a newspaper circulating throughout New South Wales.
(3)  The advertisement must specify the following:
(a)  the number of members to be appointed to the Board pursuant to nomination,
(b)  the particular skills and experience that an appointee will be required to have,
(c)  the closing date for nominations (being a date not earlier than 28 days after the date of the advertisement),
(d)  the address to which nominations are to be sent.
(4)  The advertisement must also state that a nomination will not be accepted unless the nominee’s written consent to the nomination is forwarded with the nomination.
(5)  The Minister must not appoint a person as a member of the Board unless:
(a)  the person was duly nominated under this section, and
(b)  nominations have closed, and
(c)  the Minister has considered all nominations duly received.
20   Staff of Trust
(1)  The Trust may employ a Chief Executive Officer and such other staff as may be necessary to enable the Trust to exercise its functions.
(2)  The Trust may fix the salary, wages and other conditions of its staff in so far as they are not fixed by or under any other Act or law.
(3)  The provisions of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 relating to the employment of Public Service employees do not apply to the staff of the Trust.
(4)  The Trust may engage consultants for the purpose of getting expert advice.