Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 5 August 2020 at 09:21)
178   Discontinuance or reduction of supply of water
A private irrigation board may at any time refuse to deliver water to any holding or may discontinue any delivery of water to a holding—
(a)  in the case of a holding for which it has made an allocation of water for irrigation—
(i)  if the land to be irrigated is not in its opinion properly prepared for irrigation or on which the ditches or channels to be used for the distribution of water within the holding are in the opinion of the board inadequate or in a bad state of repair, or
(ii)  if the water is for the irrigation of grasses or pastures that are not sown grasses or improved pastures, or
(b)  if any rates or charges for water in respect of the holding are, and have been for a period of 2 months or more after the due date of payment, unpaid, or
(c)  if the landholder of the holding does not comply with any requirement specified in a notice given to the landholder under this Division, or
(d)  if the water is being used for a purpose that is not authorised by a water use approval.