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Contents (2000 - 92)
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Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Current version for 1 July 2019 to date (accessed 16 September 2019 at 22:27)
Chapter 4 Part 2 Division 1
Division 1 Preliminary
139   Application of Part
This Part applies to all private districts under the former Private Irrigation Districts Act 1973 that were in existence immediately before the repeal of that Act, and also authorises the establishment of further private irrigation districts.
140   Definitions
In this Part:
irrigated holding means a holding in respect of which water is supplied by a private irrigation board for irrigation.
landholder’s water entitlement means the part of the share component of a private irrigation board’s access licence that is available to a landholder of an irrigated holding within the private irrigation district.
new holding means each part of an original holding that, after subdivision, is separately owned.
non-irrigated holding means a holding in respect of which water is supplied by a private irrigation board for domestic and stock use only.
original holding means a holding in a private irrigation district, being a holding:
(a)  in existence at the date of constitution of that district, or
(b)  comprising lands added to that district under Division 2,
but does not include any holding, or any part of a holding, that has become a new holding or that has been excised from the private irrigation district under Division 2.
private irrigation board, in relation to a private irrigation district, means the board of management for that district elected under Division 3.
private irrigation district means a private water supply district or a private water supply and irrigation district constituted under Division 2.
141   Requirements for access licences and approvals
Nothing in this Part authorises a private irrigation board or landholder to do anything for which this Act requires an access licence or approval unless the private irrigation board or landholder holds an appropriate access licence or approval.