Adoption Act 2000 No 75
Current version for 1 March 2020 to date (accessed 5 August 2020 at 09:39)
Chapter 9 Section 176
176   Definitions
In this Chapter—
prohibited adoption advertising means an advertisement, news item or other matter indicating (whether or not in relation to a particular child, born or unborn, and whether the child is from Australia or a country outside Australia) that—
(a)  a parent of, or person who has parental responsibility for, a child wishes to have the child adopted, or
(b)  a person wishes to adopt a child, or
(c)  a person is willing to make arrangements with a view to the adoption of a child, or
(d)  a child or children are available for adoption.
publish means disseminate, exhibit, provide or communicate by oral, visual, written, electronic or other means (for example, by way of newspaper, radio, television or through the use of the Internet, subscription TV or other on-line communications system), and includes cause to be published.