Adoption Act 2000 No 75
Current version for 1 March 2020 to date (accessed 1 June 2020 at 16:44)
Chapter 2 Section 9
9   Participation of child in decisions
(1)  To ensure that a child is able to participate in any decision made under this Act that has a significant impact on his or her life, the decision maker is responsible for providing the child with the following—
(a)  adequate information, in a manner and language that the child can understand, concerning the decision,
(b)  the opportunity to express his or her views freely, according to his or her abilities,
(c)  information about the outcome of the decision and an explanation of the reasons for the decision,
(d)  any assistance that is necessary for the child to understand the information and to express his or her views,
(e)  appropriate counselling when the child’s consent is required to his or her adoption.
(2)  In the application of this principle, due regard must be had to the age and developmental capacity of the child.
(3)  Decisions about the adoption of a child that have a significant impact on the life of the child include, but are not limited to, decisions relating to the following—
(a)  the placement for adoption of the child,
(b)  the development of any adoption plan concerning the child and the views of the child’s parents about the plan,
(c)  an application for an order for the adoption of the child,
(d)  contact with birth parents or others connected with the child.