Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87
Current version for 5 December 2019 to date (accessed 8 July 2020 at 03:01)
Part 8 Section 71
71   Registration
(1)  A companion animal is registered when the registration information for the animal is entered on the Register.
 Registration is for life and does not have to be renewed. There are exceptions to this in the case of dogs already registered under the Dog Act 1966 when the new registration scheme starts (see Schedule 3 Savings and transitional provisions).
(2)  The regulations may provide for the registration of companion animals, and in particular may provide for the following—
(a)  the information concerning a companion animal that is to be the registration information for the animal,
(b)  the making of an application for registration (including the form of an application, the information and evidence to accompany an application, the persons to whom application can be made),
(c)  the fee to be paid for registration (including exemptions from the payment of a fee and reductions in fees),
(d)  pre-conditions to registration (such as compulsory identification),
(e)  restrictions on who can be the registered owner of a companion animal.
(3)  Two or more persons can be registered as joint registered owners of a companion animal.
(4)  A person who in or in connection with an application for registration makes a statement or gives information that the person knows is false or misleading in a material particular is guilty of an offence.
Maximum penalty—8 penalty units.