Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87
Current version for 5 December 2019 to date (accessed 7 August 2020 at 19:55)
Part 7 Section 68
68   Offence of rescuing seized animal
(1)  A person who rescues or attempts to rescue an animal seized under the authority of this Act or an animal lawfully detained after seizure under the authority of this Act is guilty of an offence.
Maximum penalty—5 penalty units.
(2)  A person convicted of an offence under this section of rescuing an animal lawfully detained by a council is, in addition to any penalty imposed, liable to pay the charges for the maintenance of the animal while it was detained by the council (being charges determined by the council under this Part).
(3)  If 2 or more persons are convicted in respect of the one offence under this section, any charges payable under this section are, if the court so orders, payable in full by one of those persons or payable by any or all of those persons in such proportions as the court orders.