Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87
Current version for 5 December 2019 to date (accessed 5 August 2020 at 00:13)
Part 3 Division 1 Section 22
22   Action to protect persons and property against dogs
(1)  Any person may lawfully seize a dog if that action is reasonable and necessary for the prevention of damage to property.
(2)  Any person may lawfully seize, injure or destroy a dog if that action is reasonable and necessary for the protection of any person or animal (other than vermin) from injury or death.
(3)  However, subsection (2) does not authorise the seizure of, injury to or destruction of a dog that is engaged in the droving, tending, working or protection of stock unless the action is reasonable and necessary for the protection of a person from injury or death.
(4)    (Repealed)
(5)  If a dog that is not under the effective control of some competent person enters any inclosed lands within the meaning of the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901 and approaches any animal being farmed on the land, the occupier of the land or any person authorised by the occupier can lawfully injure or destroy the dog if he or she reasonably believes that the dog will molest, attack or cause injury to any of those animals.
(6)  An authorised officer who finds a dog attacking or harassing an animal (other than vermin) within a wildlife protection area (as defined in section 14 (1) (h)) can lawfully injure or destroy the dog if there is no other reasonably practicable way of protecting the animal.
(7)  A person who takes action under the authority of this section that results in the injury to or death of a dog must—
(a)  take reasonable steps to ensure that an injured dog receives any necessary treatment, and
(b)  report the matter to an authorised officer (unless the person is an authorised officer) and comply with such reasonable directions as the authorised officer may give for the purpose of causing the dog to be returned to its owner or taken to a council pound, and
(c)  take reasonable steps to inform the owner of the dog.
(8)  An authorised officer is not to give a direction under this section for the purpose of causing a dog to be taken to a council pound unless the authorised officer is satisfied that the owner of the dog cannot be identified.
(9)  Nothing in this section authorises a contravention of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979.
(10)  The authority conferred by this section to destroy a dog extends only to authorising the destruction of the dog in a manner that causes it to die quickly and without unnecessary suffering.