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Environmental Trust Act 1998 No 82
Current version for 15 January 2016 to date (accessed 19 November 2017 at 21:26)
Part 2
Part 2 Environmental Trust
5   Constitution of Trust
(1)  There is constituted by this Act a body corporate with the corporate name of the Environmental Trust.
(2)  The Trust has the functions conferred or imposed on it by or under this or any other Act.
(3)  The Trust is, for the purposes of any Act, a statutory body representing the Crown.
6   Membership and procedure of Trust
(1)  The Trust is to consist of 5 members.
(2)  The members of the Trust are:
(a)  the Minister, who is to be the Chairperson of the Trust, and
(b)  the Secretary of the Treasury, and
(c)  the Chief Executive of the Office of Environment and Heritage, and
(d)  a person appointed by the Minister from a panel of 3 persons nominated by the Nature Conservation Council, and
(e)  a person appointed by the Minister from a panel of 3 persons nominated by the Local Government and Shires Association of New South Wales.
(3)  Schedule 1 has effect with respect to the Trust.
7   Objects of Trust
The objects of the Trust are as follows:
(a)  to encourage and support restoration and rehabilitation projects in both the public and the private sectors that will or are likely to prevent or reduce pollution, the waste-stream or environmental degradation, of any kind, within any part of New South Wales,
(b)  to promote research in both the public and the private sectors into environmental problems of any kind and, in particular, to encourage and support:
(i)  research into and development of local solutions to environmental problems, and
(ii)  discovery of new methods of operation for New South Wales industries that are less harmful to the environment, and
(iii)  research into general environmental problems, and
(iv)  assessment of environmental degradation,
(c)  to promote environmental education and, in particular, to encourage the development of educational programs in both the public and the private sectors that will increase public awareness of environmental issues of any kind,
(d)  to fund the acquisition of land for national parks and other categories of dedicated and reserved land for the national parks estate,
(e)  to fund the declaration of areas for marine parks and for related purposes,
(f)  to promote waste avoidance, resource recovery and waste management (including funding enforcement and regulation and local government programs),
(g)  to fund environmental community groups,
(h)  to fund the purchase of water entitlements for the purposes of increasing environmental flows for the State‚Äôs rivers and restoring or rehabilitating major wetlands.
8   Functions of Trust
The Trust may, for the purpose of promoting its objects:
(a)  make grants (either unconditionally or subject to conditions) for projects, matters or purposes of a kind described in section 7, and
(b)  supervise the expenditure of money so granted, and
(c)  expend money as authorised by section 16 (Special provision for pollution clean-up costs), and
(d)  engage in such other activities relating to its objects as the Minister may approve.
9   Committees of Trust
(1)  The Trust is to establish Technical Review Committees.
(2)  Each Technical Review Committee is to include at least one representative of community groups and at least one representative of industry.
(3)  The Trust may establish other committees to assist it in connection with the exercise of any of its functions.
(4)  The members of a committee need not be members of the Trust.
(5)  The procedure for the calling of meetings of a committee and for the conduct of business at those meetings is to be as determined by the Trust or (subject to any determination of the Trust) by the committee.
10   Staff of Trust
(1)  The Trust may, with the approval of the Minister, arrange for the use of the services of any staff or facilities of a government department or public authority.
(2)  For the purposes of this Act, a person whose services are made use of under this section is an officer of the Trust.
11   Delegation by Trust
The Trust may delegate to a member, committee or officer of the Trust the exercise of any of its functions, other than this power of delegation.