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Contents (1995 - 62)
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Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1995 No 62
Current version for 24 September 2018 to date (accessed 23 July 2019 at 19:08)
Part 5 Division 2 Section 30
30   Registration of change of name
(1)  Before registering a change of name under this Part, the Registrar may require the applicant to provide evidence to establish to the Registrar’s satisfaction:
(a)  the identity and age of the person whose name is to be changed, and
(b)  that the change of name is not sought for a fraudulent or other improper purpose, and
(c)  if the person whose name is to be changed is a child—that the child consents to the change of name or is unable to understand the meaning and implications of the change of name, and
(d)  the reasons for making the application for registration of the change of name if the registration of the change would require the Registrar to exercise his or her discretion under section 29C.
(2)  If the Registrar is satisfied that the name of a person whose birth is registered in the State has been changed under another law (including a law of another State or the Commonwealth) or by order of a court (including any court of another State or the Commonwealth) the change of name may be registered under this Act.
(3)  The Registrar may refuse to register a change of name if, as a result of the change, the name would become a prohibited name.