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Contents (1995 - 101)
Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 No 101
Repealed version for 18 August 2017 to 24 August 2017 (accessed 22 July 2018 at 07:23)
Part 7AA Division 8 Section 126ZL
126ZL   Minister may order party to rectify contravention of agreement
(1)  The Minister may, by order, require a party to a biodiversity certification agreement to carry out specified work or other actions on land owned by the person to rectify a contravention of the agreement.
(2)  The order is to specify the date by which the work or other actions must be carried out.
(3)  If the requirements of the order are not complied with by that date, the Minister:
(a)  may enter the land and cause the work or actions specified in the order to be carried out, and
(b)  may, by proceedings brought in any court of competent jurisdiction, recover as a debt from the person to whom the order was given the amount certified by the Minister as the reasonable cost of complying with those requirements.
(4)  This section does not prevent the Minister from seeking an award of damages against a party to a biodiversity certification agreement for a contravention of the biodiversity certification agreement.