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Contents (1995 - 101)
Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 No 101
Repealed version for 18 August 2017 to 24 August 2017 (accessed 21 July 2018 at 16:12)
Part 3 Division 2
Division 2 Maps and register of critical habitat
53   Map of critical habitat to be prepared and published
(1)  Before the publication of a declaration, or an amendment of a declaration, of critical habitat, the Chief Executive must arrange for the preparation of a map that shows the location of the critical habitat proposed to be declared or amended.
(2)  A copy of the map is to be published in the Gazette on the publication of the declaration of the critical habitat.
54   Maps of critical habitat to be served
The Chief Executive must serve a copy of a map of critical habitat on the following:
(a)  the Secretary of the Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development,
(b)  the Secretary of the Department of Planning and Environment,
(c)  each council within whose area the whole or part of the critical habitat is located,
(d)  landholders of land on which critical habitat is located (including public authorities who are landholders),
(e)  holders of leases and other interests granted by the Crown,
(f)  other public authorities known by the Chief Executive to exercise relevant functions in relation to the land.
55   Chief Executive to keep register of critical habitat
(1)  The Chief Executive must keep a register containing copies of declarations of critical habitat as in force from time to time, and maps of the critical habitat that are published in the Gazette, and must make that register available to public authorities.
(2)  The register is to be open for public inspection, without charge, during ordinary business hours, and copies of or extracts from the register are to be made available to the public on request, on payment of the fee fixed by the Chief Executive.