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Contents (1993 - 30)
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Local Government Act 1993 No 30
Current version for 5 December 2019 to date (accessed 20 February 2020 at 19:59)
Schedule 6
Schedule 6 Regulations
(Section 748)
The exemption of areas or parts of areas from the operation of specified provisions of this Act
Meetings of the council and its committees
Standards for the retention, preservation and destruction of council records
Council polls and constitutional referendums
 Conduct of council polls and constitutional referendums
Voting and counting of votes
 Invitations to tender
Consideration of tenders
Contracts referred to in section 55(3)(a) (relating to exemptions from tendering requirements)
 General obligations of prescribed persons
Reporting requirements of prescribed persons
Probity requirements relating to prescribed persons
Provision of information by prescribed persons to the Department
Contracting out
Water, sewerage and drainage works
 The supply and use of water
Water, sewerage and drainage systems
The discharge and treatment of sewage
Trade wastes
Drainage areas
Catchment districts
The carrying out of specified works, with or without the consent of the Minister, or by the Minister
Works to serve the areas of two or more councils
Connections to water and sewer mains
Installation and operation of meters
Cutting off or restricting supply of water
Pipes and fittings for hot water apparatus
Inspection of works and facilities
Measures to ensure the safety of works
The accumulation of funds to finance capital works
The provision of information by councils
The appointment, remuneration and accommodation of an administrator and an administrator’s assistants
Exemption of persons from liability
Coastal protection services
 The minimum standards in carrying out such coastal protection services
Approvals under Part 1 of Chapter 7
 Application for approvals
Approvals concerning moveable dwellings
The imposition, on the owners or occupiers of land used for the placement of moveable dwellings, of a levy to be applied to specified purposes, including—
(a)  expenses in connection with the examination and review, by or on behalf of the Minister, of the terms and conditions of approvals for moveable dwellings generally, and
(b)  the undertaking, by or on behalf of the Minister, of research in connection with moveable dwellings.
Activities that may be carried out without approval
Matters for consideration in determining applications for approvals
Standards, including—
standards to be met in order for an activity to be approved
standards for activities that are approved
Conditions of approvals
Duration of approvals
Notice of granting of approvals
Records of approvals
Accreditation of components, processes and designs
Inspection of activities subject to approvals
Financial management and auditing
Orders under Part 2 of Chapter 7
 Service of orders
Information to be included in orders
Standards to be met in complying with orders
10   (Repealed)
Proposals to constitute or change the boundaries of areas
The practice and procedures of councils
 The custody and affixing of a council’s seal
The administration of a council
Induction courses and other professional development for mayors and councillors
 The preparation of electoral rolls
Claims for, and objections to, inclusion on an electoral roll
Forms to be used for the purposes of an election
The Local Government Register of Political Parties
Nominations for candidature at an election
Grouping of candidates and group voting squares
The preparation of ballot-papers
Postal voting
The counting of votes, including the rejection of informal votes
The application of the Electoral Act 2017 and the Electoral Funding Act 2018 to elections under this Act
Compliance with Departmental Chief Executive’s guidelines relating to the administration of elections
Procedures for elections of mayors by councillors
The exercise of functions by a council in the 4 weeks preceding an ordinary election.
 Limitation on determination of controversial or significant development applications
The new or permanent appointment of general managers
Entering into significant contracts or undertakings
 The classification of positions as senior staff positions
The functions of the general manager
Matters in respect of which the general manager is not subject to direction by a council
Contracts of employment for senior staff
The advertising of vacant staff positions
The disclosure of interests by staff
County councils
Public-private partnerships (including meetings of a public-private partnership)
Joint organisations
 Staffing (including use of staff of member councils and other organisations)
Voting (including remote voting) and meeting procedures of board (including remote participation in a meeting)
Planning and reporting
Travel and other expenses payable to board representatives
Operational guides
Principles for joint organisations
Roles and responsibilities of board representatives, board chairpersons and executive officers
Management and reporting
 The form and content of community strategic plans, resourcing strategies, delivery programs and operational plans
The keeping of accounting records and the preparation of financial and associated reports and statements
The form and content of annual reports
The establishment of sinking funds and debt repayment funds
Conduct of councillors, members of staff and delegates of a council
The disclosure of pecuniary and other interests.
Audit, Risk and Improvement Committees
Rates and charges
 The valuation of land for rating purposes
The rateability of land
The making and levying of rates, including base amounts of rates
The making and imposition of charges and fees, including minimum charges
The payment and recovery of rates, charges and fees
The charging of interest on overdue rates and charges
The division of categories of rateable land into sub-categories
The form of a rates and charges notice
The exemption of land from rating
The waiver, remission and postponement of rates and charges
The writing off of rates and charges
The reduction of rates and charges for eligible pensioners
 The functions and procedures of bodies (other than councils and county councils) constituted or established under this Act
The erection and maintenance of notices
The making and consideration of representations and objections to the declaration of alcohol-free zones
The issuing of penalty notices under this Act
The manner and form in which public notices are to be given under this Act
Authorisation of persons under this Act to enter premises
Forms (including the form of notices) for use under this Act
Fees payable under this Act
Safety standards for swimming pools situated on public land, including requirements with respect to—
(a)  the staff to be employed in connection with any such pool, and
(b)  the safety equipment to be provided at any such pool.
The exercise by authorised persons (including persons who are authorised persons by virtue of section 681A(8)) of the functions conferred on an authorised person by or under this Act.