Local Government Act 1993 No 30
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 9 August 2020 at 01:35)
62   Ministerial powers during emergencies
(1)  The Minister for Primary Industries or a person authorised by the Minister may direct a council to take such measures with respect to any works to which this Division applies as are specified in the direction if the Minister or person is of the opinion that an emergency exists that constitutes a threat to public health or public safety or that is causing or is likely to cause damage to property.
(2)  A direction may not be given unless the Minister for Primary Industries has obtained the concurrence of the Minister for Health.
(3)  The council must comply with the direction.
(4)  A direction under this section may not be given to a council in respect of a dam.
 Under section 21(5) of the Dams Safety Act 2015, Dams Safety NSW may direct a council (as the owner of a declared dam within the meaning of that Act) to take measures with respect to the dam during the period that an emergency order under that section is in force.