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Contents (1993 - 30)
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Local Government Act 1993 No 30
Current version for 25 June 2019 to date (accessed 17 October 2019 at 11:41)
Chapter 15 Part 7 Section 566
566   Accrual of interest on overdue rates and charges
(1)  Interest accrues on rates and charges that remain unpaid after they become due and payable.
(2)  Interest accrues on a daily basis.
(3)  The rate of interest is that set by the council but must not exceed the rate specified for the time being by the Minister by notice published in the Gazette.
(4)  Accrued interest is, for the purpose of its recovery, taken to be a rate or charge which is due and payable.
(5)  Interest continues to accrue on unpaid rates or charges even though judgment for payment of the rates or charges may have been obtained in a court. Interest is not payable on the judgment debt, despite any other Act.
(6)  If an unpaid rate or charge is referred to the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue for debt recovery action in accordance with the State Debt Recovery Act 2018, interest ceases to accrue on the unpaid amount under this section on and from the referral date. However, interest may be charged under that Act.
(7)  If the council revokes the referral of the amount under the State Debt Recovery Act 2018:
(a)  interest starts to accrue again under this section on and from the date the referral is revoked, unless the council otherwise directs, and
(b)  any interest or debt recovery costs charged by the Chief Commissioner under that Act are not recoverable by the council.
(8)  In this section:
referral date means the date on which the unpaid amount is referred by the council to the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue for the making of a debt recovery order under the State Debt Recovery Act 2018.