Local Government Act 1993 No 30
Current version for 14 May 2020 to date (accessed 30 May 2020 at 10:14)
Chapter 12 Part 1 Section 356
356   Can a council financially assist others?
(1)  A council may, in accordance with a resolution of the council, contribute money or otherwise grant financial assistance to persons for the purpose of exercising its functions.
(2)  A proposed recipient who acts for private gain is not ineligible to be granted financial assistance but must not receive any benefit under this section until at least 28 days’ public notice of the council’s proposal to pass the necessary resolution has been given.
(3)  However, public notice is not required if—
(a)  the financial assistance is part of a specific program, and
(b)  the program’s details have been included in the council’s draft operational plan for the year in which the financial assistance is proposed to be given, and
(c)  the program’s proposed budget for that year does not exceed 5 per cent of the council’s proposed income from the ordinary rates levied for that year, and
(d)  the program applies uniformly to all persons within the council’s area or to a significant group of persons within the area.
(4)  Public notice is also not required if the financial assistance is part of a program of graffiti removal work.
 Part 4 of the Graffiti Control Act 2008 deals with graffiti removal work.