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Contents (1992 - 49)
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Swimming Pools Act 1992 No 49
Current version for 31 October 2018 to date (accessed 18 June 2019 at 09:51)
Part 2 Division 4 Section 19
19   House wall may be used as part of required child-resistant barrier
(1)  A child-resistant barrier that is formed by, or that includes, a wall of a residential building or a building used for the purposes of tourist and visitor accommodation is regarded, for the purposes of sections 7 and 12, as separating any outdoor swimming pool from the building so long as:
(a)  the wall contains no opening through which access may at any time be gained to the swimming pool, and
(b)  the wall is designed, constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with the standards prescribed by the regulations, and
(c)  the remainder of the barrier complies with section 7 or 12, as the case requires.
(2)  The regulations may prescribe circumstances in which an opening in a wall is or is not to be regarded as an opening through which access may at any time be gained to a swimming pool for the purposes of subsection (1) (a).