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Contents (1992 - 49)
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Swimming Pools Act 1992 No 49
Current version for 31 October 2018 to date (accessed 20 February 2020 at 19:16)
Part 2 Division 4 Section 15
15   Child-resistant barrier must be in good repair
(1)  Despite any other provision of this Act, the occupier of any premises on which a child-resistant barrier:
(a)  is required by this Act to be installed in relation to a swimming pool, or
(b)  is, at the commencement of this Act or at any later time, installed in relation to a swimming pool, whether or not it is required by this Act to be installed,
must, so long as the swimming pool exists, maintain the barrier in existence and in a good state of repair as an effective and safe child-resistant barrier.
Maximum penalty: 50 penalty units.
(2)  The regulations may prescribe standards of maintenance for the purposes of this section.
(3)  A person who complies with the standards prescribed by the regulations is taken to have complied with this section.