Community Land Management Act 1989 No 202
Current version for 14 May 2020 to date (accessed 1 June 2020 at 16:32)
Part 5A Division 1 Section 109F
109F   Investigations by Secretary
(1)  If the Secretary believes on reasonable grounds that an offence under this Act has been, or may be committed, the Secretary may exercise the following powers to investigate the grounds for the belief—
(a)  enter association property or common property,
(b)  enter a development lot,
(c)  enter a neighbourhood lot or a strata lot at a reasonable time on notice given to the occupier,
(d)  request an association or strata corporation to provide information to the Secretary and allow the Secretary to inspect its records under section 26.
(2)  When exercising a power under this section, the Secretary may, if the Secretary thinks fit, be accompanied by—
(a)  a member of the executive committee of an association or strata corporation, or
(b)  the managing agent (if any) of the scheme concerned.
(3)  A person must not obstruct or hinder the Secretary, or a delegate of the Secretary, in the exercise of powers conferred by this section.
Maximum penalty—5 penalty units.
(4)  An association must not neglect or fail to comply with a request under subsection (1) (d).
Maximum penalty—5 penalty units.
(5)  No charge is payable by the Secretary in connection with a request made under subsection (1) (d).