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Contents (1987 - 70)
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Workers Compensation Act 1987 No 70
Current version for 25 March 2020 to date (accessed 8 April 2020 at 19:41)
Part 7 Division 1 Section 159
159   Provisions of policies of insurance
(cf former s 18 (3) (a), (a1), (3A), (3B), (3C))
(1)  A policy of insurance shall, in so far as it relates to any liability under this Act, contain only such provisions as are prescribed by the regulations, but (subject to the regulations) may contain such other provisions relating to any liability at common law or under any Act or Commonwealth Act as are appropriate to any particular case.
(1A)  The regulations may prescribe different provisions for different classes of policies. The regulations may also authorise the Authority to approve different provisions for policies of insurance issued by a specialised insurer in respect of domestic or similar workers.
(2)  A policy of insurance shall provide that—
(a)  the insurer as well as the employer is directly liable to any worker insured under the policy and, in the event of the worker’s death, to the dependants or other persons to pay the compensation under this Act or other amount independently of this Act for which the employer is liable, and
(b)  the insurer is bound by and subject to any judgment, order, decision or award given or made against the employer of any such worker in respect of the injury for which the compensation or amount is payable.
(3)  A policy of insurance issued to a person shall, in addition to containing any other provisions required under this section, contain such provisions as are prescribed by the regulations for or in relation to—
(a)  the insurance of the person, in the event of the person being, or becoming, a principal under a contract as referred to in section 20 (1), against a liability arising under section 20,
(b)  providing that the insurer, as well as the person, shall, while that person is a principal under a contract as referred to in section 20 (1), be directly liable to pay to a worker employed by a contractor under that contract and, in the event of the worker’s death, the dependants or other persons, the compensation for which that person is liable under section 20 (1), and
(c)  providing that the insurer is bound by, and subject to, any judgment, order, decision or award given or made against the person in respect of any liability arising under section 20.
(4)  A policy of insurance obtained by an employer in respect of workers in any trade or business shall, notwithstanding anything contained in that policy, apply to and have effect in respect of all workers employed by the employer in that trade or business.
(5)  A liability, under a policy of insurance, of an insurer to a worker under a provision inserted in the policy under subsection (2) or (3) is enforceable as if the worker were a party to the policy.
(6)  A contravention of subsection (1), (2) or (3) does not annul a policy of insurance or affect the liability of the insurer to the person insured under the policy.
(7)  A licensed insurer shall not issue a policy of insurance in contravention of subsection (1), (2) or (3).
Maximum penalty (subsection (7)): 50 penalty units.