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Contents (1987 - 70)
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Workers Compensation Act 1987 No 70
Current version for 25 March 2020 to date (accessed 6 April 2020 at 15:51)
Part 3 Division 3 Section 63
63   Rates applicable for ambulance service
(cf former s 10 (5))
(1)  The maximum amount for which an employer is liable for any ambulance service provided to a worker is—
(a)  $10,000, or
(b)  where some greater amount has been fixed by the Authority by order published in the Gazette—that greater amount.
(2)  An amount additional to that fixed by subsection (1) may be allowed on account of the distance travelled in any particular case.
(2A)  If proceedings relating to the worker’s claim for compensation are before the Commission and those proceedings relate to, or include matters relating to, the provision of ambulance services for the worker, such an allowance may be awarded by the Commission. If no such proceedings are before the Commission, such an allowance may be awarded by the Authority on application made in respect of the worker from time to time.
(2B)  If the maximum amount referred to in subsection (1) is, on or after the commencement of this subsection, amended either by an Act or an order of the Authority, the amount for which an employer is liable in respect of ambulance services provided to a worker under this section is to be calculated by reference to the maximum amount applicable to the worker at the time when the worker became injured.
(3)  Any amount for which an employer is liable under this Division in respect of any ambulance service may be recovered from the employer by the person providing the ambulance service.